Ana Maria Roa Spanish Voice Talent

Ana Maria Roa is a full-time Hispanic Voice Over Talent specialized in Spanish Latin American Spanish with Neutral accent and with a Home Studio in New York City. She is always ready to bring your script to life.

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She has worked for brands like Procter & Gamble, ConEdison, Pepsi, Mazda, NatGeo, SunnyD, COX, and many more. Wether you need a corporate video, a commercial, IVR, or any kind of read, Ana Maria will make sure you get the perfect take -from the conventional "fresh girl next door" to the "crazy lady at the supermarket" or simply that confident voice that persuades your target.
Though living in New York where her neutral accent is quite appreciated, the shades don't end right there. Need a version in Spanish or in English with a Hispanic accent? You've got it! Want a Mexican or Colombian accent? Yeap, that too. Ana Maria Roa is an asset, a part of your team committed to delivering results. To learn more about Ana Maria Roa and listen to her demos visit:

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